I can’t believe the gorgeous things people practically throw away to thrift stores. It’s like they don’t even know what they have. Not to mention the thrift store employees price them the same as any other junk in the place. Today I found a pair of Sofft black leather heels for $2 (retail $106). I’m really giddy about that because I’ve always wanted a pair of 1920s-looking black shoes. The heels were dinged up but I touched up the scratches with a black sharpie, now the damage is barely visible.

I also found a partial set of art nouveau era glassware (some sorbet cups, a cream jug and small plate) with sterling silver overlay. Perfect for a dainty scoop of ice cream!

Would anyone like it if I started posting my finds and tips on how to find treasures in thrift stores and charity shops? Let me know! (I probably will anyway though.)

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